There’s something disturbing about recalling a warm memory and feeling utterly cold. Gillian Flynn, gone girl (via angievipl)
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Move on. You deserve better. I know you thought he/she was the one. I know you thought it would last forever. But things happen for a reason. There is someone better waiting for you. I know you loved him/her so much. And now you feel like you’ll never be in love again. That there is nobody else for you. But there is. You don’t have just one soulmate. And it’s hard. To move on and let go. It hurts everywhere they touched you at. Your lips ache for their lips. But your heart. Your heart is the most damaged. It is broken. And it feels like there is nothing left. But let me tell you. I know you tried to fix things every time. And you always held on when they let go. And you gave them so much love, but it was never enough. And you only think about how they feel. But is he/she doing something about it? If they are constantly leaving you and hurting you, they don’t love you. And I’m sorry because you gave him/her your everything. Yes it could’ve worked. If you both gave it your all. But if your the only one trying then you leave. Because you deserve someone who makes you feel wanted. Someone who let’s you know they love you and need you. Someone who will never leave you and always be there for you. Someone who won’t give up on you when things get hard. But he/she isn’t the one. It’ll take some time to stop loving him/her, but wait patiently and someone better will come. I promise you. I love you and then somedays I feel like moving on, but I can’t. (via blackandinlove)

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You never gave us a chance. six word story (via xxkissandtell)
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